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A high level of vertical integration as the basis for our quality products

The high level of vertical integration at FRANK ORIGINAL is reflected in a comprehensive production chain that ranges from development and design to in-house toolmaking, cutting, forging technology, heat treatment, mechanical processing and the production of assemblies and special coating processes. State-of-the-art production technologies are used here.

This in-depth integration enables Frank Original to continuously guarantee the quality and reliability of its products for agricultural technology. The internal control of every step helps our company to meet and maintain its high quality standards - "Quality Made by FRANK ORIGINAL" - which enables us to maintain our leading position in the market.

In addition, our comprehensive expertise makes us the ideal development partner for agricultural machinery manufacturers who want projects to be implemented quickly, competently and ready for series production from the ground up.

Development and construction

Every product is created in our development and design department: we develop component solutions from your drawings, samples, CAD data or technical ideas. In a first step, we design a 3D model for tool creation. We then use simulation to check the forming process in order to minimize weak points in the production process before the sample is produced. The development of application-specific solutions is just one part of the service package that we also offer you.

In-house toolmaking

Once the product development data has been optimized, we create all the tools, devices and test aids required for the production of your component in-house in 3-shift operation on state-of-the-art machining centers. This gives you and us the necessary flexibility for design changes and component optimizations.


Every component, regardless of whether it is a wear part or a structural part, first requires a blank made from special steels that are always available from stock. Depending on its geometry, we cut this blank from the primary material using the latest generation of fully automated, robot-assisted laser systems, saws and shears. 3D laser cutting systems (fiber lasers) are highly automated with the help of camera-assisted bin-picking based on AI image recognition.

Forging technology and rolling process

We then shape the cut blanks of your component on state-of-the-art forging presses, forging hammers and stretching rollers after heating them in a gas-heated continuous furnace or after inductive heating. Forging, hot pressing or rolling - our qualified team is up to any task.

Heat treatment

Heat treatment is one of FRANK ORIGINAL's core competencies, practically embodying the history of professional metalworking since 1836. Your component only acquires its "inner" values through the appropriate heat treatment (tempering process). We adjust the microstructure and thus the hardness and toughness of the component depending on your requirements in our specially developed hardening systems (e.g. roller hearth protective gas furnaces, protective gas chamber furnaces).

Mechanical processing

At your request or depending on the tolerances you require, we can also machine your component mechanically on one of our drilling and milling machines or one of our CNC machining centers. Component hard machining is of course also possible here.

Production of assemblies

With our 5-axis welding robots with shuttle table, we weld your component precisely and to a high quality. Our toolmaking department creates highly complex fixtures for holding workpieces. Give us the task of manufacturing your assembly requirements at the highest quality level in an economically attractive way.

FRANK coating process

Would you like to minimize wear on your component? With us, you have the choice depending on your requirements: reinforcement of components with carbide plates (HardLine product line), laser cladding for increased impact and abrasion protection, plasma powder cladding (PTA) and flux-cored wire welding.

All coating processes can also be combined with each other where appropriate. We will rise to your individual challenge and offer comprehensive expertise based on many years of practical experience. Get in touch with us!

Surface coating

We can provide your component with a water-soluble dip coating or powder coating in one of our surface centers, depending on your requirements. This gives your component its final individual stamp.

If, like us, you focus on environmental protection and sustainability, then we refer you to ourFRANK NeutraSoil coating. In order to reduce the amount of microplastics entering the soil through the coating of our components, we use a metal-based coating instead of a plastic-based one. We will be happy to provide you with details.

Quality inspection

In addition to monitoring the analysis specifications for the special steels we use by means of spectral analysis, we naturally carry out hardness tests for each production batch to ensure the quality of your product.

In addition, the components are regularly checked for compliance with all tolerances and dimensional accuracy using 3D laser scanning and tactile measurement based on the reference point system (RPS) in accordance with customer specifications. The software used for this is used by the majority of our manufacturing customers, which leads to positive synergy effects during prototype development.

Logistics for OEMs

You can't afford production downtime!

To achieve this, we not only invest in targeted demand planning, but also buffer complete production batches in our distribution center if necessary to ensure high availability of FRANK products.

Our distribution center

Daily shuttle transports from our production plants continuously feed our 750 m² distribution center in the middle of Germany / in the heart of Europe.

Pre-packaging and efficient IT systems allow the majority of goods to be dispatched on the day of delivery. On request, we can of course also implement single-item picking or special packaging: Customer requirements, precision and safety have the highest priority in FRANK logistics.

Our shipping options

Whether pallet or parcel, pallet cage or your own container: take advantage of our free delivery service!

Our shipping partners pick up the goods ready for dispatch every day and deliver them reliably and safely within the agreed transit times. And if something does go wrong, FRANK will be happy to sort it out for you without any red tape.

Of course, you can also have your shipment picked up by the transport company you trust. Our warehouse team will be happy to load it for you.

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