Agricultural wear parts and components


High quality wearing parts for ploughs, cultivators and disc harrows are the foundation of FRANK ORIGINAL. Shares, plough points, mouldboards, landsides and even whole plough bodies are part of our product range, as well as skimmer parts and coulter discs. FRANK ORIGINAL also produce a variety of cultivator parts like points, wings, guideboards and tines. The tillage program is completed with a wide range of discs for disc harrows.

Harvesting parts

If the tillage parts are considered the foundation of FRANK ORIGINAL, you could call the range of harvesting parts the technological highlight. In this segment, the cooperation with the machinery manufacturers, regardless of their color, is paramount. Highest quality standards and the consistency of the component from one batch to the next, make FRANK ORIGINAL a strong, reliable partner. FRANK ORIGINAL manufacture a wide range of components for mowers (skids, knife carriers, holding springs) and sugar beet harvesters (scalper knifes, shares), as well as parts for potato ridgers (ridger bodies, tined hooks) and potato harvesters (ridger shares).


In this segment FRANK ORIGINAL also focus strongly on the cooperation with Original Equipment Manufacturers. Discs and shares are part of our range, just as well as covers and spring tines. These parts are not necessarily exposed to the highly abrasive conditions in the field.

Vineyard machinery

Components for vineyard machinery complete the portfolio of parts at FRANK ORIGINAL. Construction parts and tillage parts for small cultivators, as well as discs and shares are available at FRANK ORIGINAL all manufactured to our exacting standards.


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