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A wide range of wear parts for agricultural technology

In the European agricultural market, FRANK ORIGINAL serves the following strategic business areas with its products:

  • Soil preparation and sowing technology
  • Harvesting technology
  • Hoing technology and special crops
  • Gardening technology

This results in the following product groups and individual products:

  • Wear parts and components for plows
    (share points, shares, moldboard strips, shin pieces, rear mouldboards, moldboard rails, landsides, sword landsides, landside protections, grinding soles, trash boards, skimmer tines, skim points, skimmer mouldboards, frogs, coulter discs, cultivator shares, barpoint shares, landside tips)
  • Wear parts for seed drills
    (seed coulters, seed discs, scrapers)
  • Disc harrows
    (smooth and serrated concave discs, wave discs, scrapers)
  • Wear parts and components for cultivators
    (Cultivator points, guide plates, wing shares, tine shanks, goose foot shares, narrow shares, double heart shares, coulter blades, retaining plates)
  • Wear parts and components for mowers
    (mower discs, skids, retaining springs, center plates)
  • Wear parts for beet harvesters
    (beet harvester shares, milling hooks)
  • Wear parts for hoeing technology
    (hoeing shares without and with handle, roller hoeing stars)
  • Blades for agricultural and garden technology
    (knives for forage wagons, knives for balers, knives for feeder-mixer, shredder knives)
  • Crop lifters


Our range of wear parts contains well over 12.000 products, with a constant stock of around 5,000 deliverable items at our external logistics location to serve the aftermarket via wholesalers and specialist dealers. Our range covers brands from many renowned agricultural machinery manufacturers.