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What defines the quality of carbide armouring at FRANK ORIGINAL

| Know-how

The highest wear protection for spare parts in soil cultivation is achieved by armouring or cladding the tools with carbide plates.

As a rule, the "coating" of a tool with carbide plates achieves a service life that is 4 - 5 times longer than the standard version of the tool.

It should be noted that this statement always refers to a practical test in the field, in which both the standard tool and its carbide variant are used on the same implement at the same time, in the same weather, with the same soil type and identical tractor and equipment at the same travelling speed.

The quality of a carbide coating at FRANK ORIGINAL results on the one hand from a metallurgically competent carbide brazing process with a material bond between the workpiece and carbide plates. On the other hand, FRANK ORIGINAL subjects the coated workpieces to a further heat treatment in order to optimise the material structure of the workpiece around the brazing area of the carbide plates.

This prevents or reduces the abrasive wear of the metal in the immediate vicinity of the carbide armouring on carbide tools.