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Guidelines of the FRANK Group

The FRANK Group is an informal association of the parent company FRANK Walz- und Schmiedetechnik GmbH and its subsidiaries. The group sees itself as a performance community with clear compliance rules, in which values such as personal responsibility, openness and transparency, as well as legally compliant and ethically correct behaviour, play an important and action-determining role.

FRANK ORIGINAL - as a brand of the FRANK Group - has proven to be a premium brand with very high quality standards since its inception, ensuring that customers are always provided with the best and most functional product solution through constant innovation. It is our endeavour to maintain and expand our established innovation leadership in the OEM market and the aftermarket for agricultural technology wear parts.

We understand the particular challenges facing agricultural producers in the agricultural markets in the face of many uncertainties and determining factors such as climate change, soil erosion, global competitive conditions, societal expectations, new technologies, etc. We therefore support our customers with sustainable products. We therefore support our customers with sustainable products and help them to make an important contribution to climate protection and the European Green Deal. Production methods and processes in the FRANK Group are constantly being further optimised in terms of automation, sustainability, environmental protection and raw material efficiency.

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Sustainability for the environment

An active research and development department at FRANK is a significant factor in the implementation of sustainability concepts within the FRANK Group. Innovative material concepts for avoiding conflict materials and for raw material efficiency have been developed, trialled and implemented up to series production readiness here for several years. The service life of our wear parts and components is a key aspect of sustainability. It starts with high-quality steel grades in the base product and is reflected in increased wear resistance through a wide range of coating processes with new alloys, some of which can also be combined with each other in a sensible way. Depending on the intended use and product, this results in demonstrably longer service lives in the field, which ultimately reduces costs for the agricultural sector and is beneficial in terms of raw material efficiency.

One of the latest examples of sustainable product development in the FRANK Group is a product coating that is still in the final development phase. In order to reduce the amount of microplastics entering the soil through the painting of our components, the FRANK Group will also offer metal-based painting instead of plastic-based painting in the future.
We consider this paint option for wear parts to be a significant contribution to greater sustainability. This is all the more true as the environmental impact of microplastics entering the soil through conventional powder or dip coatings on wear parts is an aspect that is still little recognised and discussed in agriculture.




In the field of wear parts for agricultural technology, FRANK ORIGINAL has long been a recognized innovation leader, also from an expert perspective. The Group is supported in this by an interdisciplinary and well-equipped research and development department. At the same time, production processes are constantly being optimized with external partners, for example in the heat treatment of press-hardened heat-treatable steels.

Product innovations have been and continue to be made in the area of materials for coating and painting in order to make wear parts more resistant and sustainable. Research is being carried out into bio-based joining technologies and completely biodegradable coatings to reduce the introduction of microplastics into agricultural soils. FRANK ORIGINAL is involved in product developments in the field of efficient liquid fertilizer applications or in the area of tools for automated agricultural machinery.

Quality as a commitment

FRANK ORIGINAL is a global leader in the manufacture of wear and construction parts for agricultural technology. We have been developing and producing market-leading products of a high standard in this field since 1836 and recognise the premium quality of our products as a daily commitment. Our wear parts and components are manufactured using state-of-the-art production facilities and processes. Our product quality is based not only on precise knowledge of production processes and state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies, but also on excellent knowledge of our products and their application.

In this sense, quality leadership means consistent improvement along the entire value chain. Constantly increasing demands on our products require a consistently high level of quality. Innovative product and process development, consistent implementation of targeted, methodically applied preventive measures, analysis of process sequences and involvement of all employees in the continuous improvement process are the prerequisites for meeting customer requirements and wishes to their complete satisfaction.



Close to the customer

We traditionally maintain excellent relationships with our customer groups - agricultural machinery manufacturers, specialist dealers and farmers. Our mobile trade fair vehicle is almost legendary in the industry and is well-known and popular with farmers. Our sales team regularly visits practically all regional and large agricultural trade fairs in Germany on a rotating basis and is also active in neighbouring countries.

With a representative selection of products and a number of seats on board, the mobile exhibition stand offers sufficient space for discussions and maintaining contacts with farmers and specialist dealers, especially at smaller, regional agricultural trade fairs.
Our research and development department also maintains close relationships with individual farmers who support FRANK ORIGINAL with their equipment in the field and are happy to be available for product tests.