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Seal of the BSFZ documents in-house achievements of the research and development department

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FRANK ORIGINAL is delighted to have received the BSFZ seal of approval from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The BSFZ seal certifies the R&D activities of companies that have received at least one positive notification from the Certification Centre for Research Grants (BSFZ). The year stated in the seal refers to the year in which it was awarded. In particular, the seal documents the company's internal R&D performance.

The exclusive BSFZ seal confirms FRANK ORIGINAL's innovative expertise to the outside world and once again documents FRANK ORIGINAL's achievements in its development activities for innovative, sustainable and future-proof agricultural technology.

‘The Act on Tax Incentives for Research and Development (FZulG; Federal Law Gazette I p. 2763) came into force on 1 January 2020. The Act enables tax relief for research expenditure by companies subject to tax in Germany - regardless of size, legal form and sector - and is intended to incentivise investment in research and development (R&D). The aim is to strengthen Germany as an investment location and to stimulate research activities, particularly in small and medium-sized enterprises.’ (German source: