The following is to provide a short, easy reading overview about the raise and use of your data. More detailed information can be found in the full version of data protection statement.

  • Which data is recorded:
    The domain name or the IP- address of your computer, the requests of the client (file name and URL), the http-answer-code and the website you visit us from.
    Our website uses cookies, which are small files that make it possible to store specific data on a user’s computer from which a website is accessed. This data relates only to the device in question and serves two purposes: to enhance how user-friendly a website is, and to collect statistical information about a website’s use. The information is subsequently analysed in order to improve the website. As a user of this website, you can manage how cookies are stored by choosing the setting in your browser that requires individual confirmation of cookies – or which prohibits the storage of cookies. More information about cookies is available on the Mozilla or Microsoft websites.
    How we raise data:
    An automated process records the data of your visit to our website. Other than that, we will raise data through your input or the use of cookies.

  • What we use the data for:
    For technical administration and the provision of the website.
        •    within the legal framework of the law
        •    for the detection of misuse and problem fixing
        •    to provide information to gouvernment offices upon request
    Your rights with regard to personal data:
        •    access
        •    erasure
        •    correction
        •    objection

    Data protection officer:
    Henning Welz, gds – Gesellschaft für Datenschutz Mittelhessen mbH,

    This data protection advice is only a compact overview. The complete information can be found in the full version.