Innovation is our tradition

Since 1836 the name FRANK has been synonymous with high quality. More than 12,000 parts are included in our product range – all rigorously tested for quality – servicing agriculture, municipal service and various branches of industry. Today, a staff of more than 300 people in Germany and abroad use their expertise to produce components on which OEM constructors as well as dealers rely all over the world - quality made by FRANK ORIGINAL.

Experts with a clear objective

Our experts stand for a continuous process of improvement of both quality and customer satisfaction. Highest quality is our pronounced goal. You can rely on FRANK ORIGINAL without being forced to compromise.

Development and construction office

Each product emerges from our development and construction office. We develop feasible solutions from your plans, samples, CAD data or simply from your technical ideas. Starting from a 3D model for tool construction we immediately simulate the forming process in order to minimize eventual risks in tooling even before producing the initial samples. Development of individual problem solving is just one part of the services we are able to provide.

In-house tool construction

After optimizing all product development data, we construct all necessary tools for the production of your part on our modern in-house machining centres. This grants both, you and us, the necessary flexibility for either fast construction changes or improvements to the components.


No matter if it’s a wear or a construction part, each part needs a blank cut from one of our special steels that are usually available in stock. Depending on the individual shape of the part we cut this blank from the raw material by CNC saw, numerically controlled shears, plasma or laser cutting machines.

Forging techniques and lamination methods

Before giving shape to your blank by forging, rolling, pressing or hammering it in our state-of-the-art facilities, it is heated in one of our gas-fired furnaces or via induction heating. Forging, hot pressing or laminating are tasks our qualified staff love tackling.

Heat Treatment

Only with a suitable heat treatment will your part receive its true “intrinsic” values. With our individual heat treatment plants we are able to bring the specific microstructure and thus the degree of hardness and ductility in line with your demand.


Either on your demand or depending on the required tolerances we can apply various mechanical processes to your component, on one of our drilling, milling or CNC facilities.

Production of assemblies

Our 5-axle-welding robots are all equipped with turning tables and ensure precisely welded high-quality components. Set us the task to produce your assemblies economically viable and to the highest level of quality.

FRANK hard-facing

Do you want to maximize the wear life of your components? With FRANK ORIGINAL, you’ll be spoilt for choice, flux-cored welding, hard-facing with hard-metal plates, plasma powder coating or a combination of all - no problem for us. We rise to your individual challenge.

Surface finishing

According to your wishes we offer the possibility to finish your part with either a water soluble, non-polluting dip painting or a powder coating. Thus, your part gets its final, individual touch.

Quality control

Besides the monitoring controls by spectral analysis of the special steels we use, we also check the hardness of each production batch to assure the quality of our products. In addition, we regularly check all dimensions with our 7 axle scanner to ensure compliance with all tolerances.

We think and act with regard to quality

A company's success depends largely on its ability to innovate, its productivity and quality of goods and services. Quality assurance is therefore an essential tool for maintaining our competitiveness and important for our long-term market success.

Quality management put into practice by FRANK

FRANK ORIGINAL has established an integrated quality, energy, environmental and occupational safety and health management system. The system is aimed at active, preventive action and aims at the continuous improvement of quality and customer satisfaction. Well-trained, motivated staff are the guarantee for the high quality of the products as well as for the continuous development process.

Ever increasing demands on our products require a constantly high level of quality. Innovative product and process development, rigorous implementation of targeted methodically applied prevention measures, analysis of processes and involvement of all employees in the continuous improvement process are prerequisites to fulfill customer needs and desires to the full satisfaction.

Leadership in quality is our business objective

FRANK ORIGINAL is a global leader in the production of wear resistant and construction parts for agriculture and industry. For more than 175 years, we have developed and produced leading high-quality products in this sector. Our components are produced with the latest manufacturing equipment and processes. Our consistent leadership in quality is not only based on precise knowledge of production processes and advanced production technology, but also on excellent knowledge of our products and their uses.

For these reasons, market leadership means constant improvement along the entire value chain.

Future innovation

The claimed market leadership is the challenge for FRANK ORIGINAL to continuously developing innovative products and manufacturing processes. That ensures, that Frank components will still be leading the way in future.

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