Polityka prywatności

Below you will find a brief, understandable overview of the collection and processing of your data. Please refer to our data protection declaration for detailed explanations.

  • We collect this information:
    The domain name or IP address of your computer, the file request of the client (file name and URL), the http response code and the website from which you are visiting us.
  • We use cookies. You can set your browser so that these cookies are not saved or deleted at the end of your Internet session.
  • The website contains specific data entry forms at various points, which can consist of mandatory fields as well as fields of different content that must be filled in voluntarily.
    This is how we collect your data:
    We automatically collect the data that is generated when you visit our website, if necessary through the use of cookies.

  • We use your data for this purpose:
    For the technical administration and the provision of the website.
        •    within the legal framework of the law
        •    for the detection of misuse and problem fixing
        •    to provide information to gouvernment offices upon request
    Your rights with regard to personal data:
        •    access
        •    erasure
        •    correction
        •    objection

    Data protection officer:
    Henning Welz, gds – Gesellschaft für Datenschutz Mittelhessen mbH, datenschutz@gdsm.de

    This data protection information provides a compact overview. The complete information can be found in the detailed version.